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Case Studies

Strategize. Analyze. Execute. Great work and surpassing expectations drives RAB2B. It’s what clients in high-stakes sectors expect from their agency experience. Here’s where we let our work do the talking.

A woman focused on her laptop while two children sit beside her, engaged in an activity.

Educators Embrace a New Technology

Microsoft: ABM Education Campaign K-12

Many K-12 school districts had access to Microsoft Teams—but adoption was slow. RAB2B created a campaign that helped to increase usage by 900% year-over-year.

Human-Centric Design and Personalized Content Accelerate Transformation

DFIN: Website Refresh

To secure DFIN’s position as a financial software leader, its website needed to evolve. With a next-level site featuring personalization and an upgraded design, DFIN was able to increase performance and highlight what makes them unique: transparency and security.

A flower with long stems and leaves on a dark background.

Interactive Storytelling to Educate and Establish Brand Awareness

Creo Ingredients: Responsive Infographic

Creo Ingredients needed a powerful asset to explain their innovative fermentation process to customers and combat misinformation still rampant in the CBD market. RAB2B delivered a powerful digital experience to help them stand out amongst their competition, educate their customers and elevate their brand.

A close-up of a dragon eye with a vivid red iris, exuding an intense and captivating gaze.A close-up of a dragon eye with a vivid red iris, exuding an intense and captivating gaze.

Learning Goes Virtual

Wacom Academy e-Fest

In response to the pandemic, RAB2B worked with Wacom to pivot, converting an exclusive in-person experience to an inclusive expanded online audience.


Messaging for the Moments That Matter

Motorola Solutions: Power of Now

Communication solutions are integral to working across teams, but they’re ubiquitous. Motorola Solutions needed a strategic messaging framework to stand out and unify verticals, so RAB2B created distinct messaging and innovative assets to connect with their audiences.

A pencil drawing the letter x on an orange background.

Winning Hearts & Minds with ABM

HP: ABM Compete Campaign

Leveraging deep intelligence and insights, we partnered with HP Indigo to make an emotional ABM appeal to once-loyal customers of a key competitor and generated many millions in opportunity value.

Various HP website screens displayed on multiple monitors.

Launching the Virtual Sales Experience

HP: PageWide Sales Enablement

With in-person demos on hold indefinitely, HP needed a new way to reach their customers. We took sales enablement beyond flyers and PowerPoints and built a virtual hub designed to sell.

RAB2B Clients BackgroundRAB2B Clients background


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