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DFIN: Website Refresh

Human-Centric Design and Personalized Content Accelerate Transformation

To secure DFIN’s position as a financial software leader, its website needed to evolve. With a next-level site featuring personalization and an upgraded design, DFIN was able to increase performance and highlight what makes them unique: transparency and security.


When DFIN identified an opportunity to improve their Home and Top-Level Solution Pages, RAB2B was called in to elevate functionality, advance overall style and increase conversions. To address changes in the fintech sector, DFIN needed a way to showcase its position as a financial software leader and highlight how its solutions fit a range of industry use cases, while limiting the number of clicks needed to reach the right information.

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Website homepage for your business lifecycle, featuring services, testimonials, and contact information.
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  • Reimagined and developed a fresh aesthetic for the home and solution pages that simplifies navigation and clearly represents DFIN as a premier software company in the financial space
  • Implemented a custom solution to tailor content to visitor industries and interests using an improved 6sense integration within Acquia and Drupal
  • Humanized the flow of information and strategically incorporated revised CTAs with compelling messaging that connects users directly with DFIN solutions and financial experts
  • Redefined key elements including the header, solution selector and vault animation to include additional motion and leverage a frosted glass texture to showcase DFIN’s transparency, security and adaptability
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The redesigned website dramatically increased DFIN’s conversions within days of launch. By personalizing content and enhancing user flow, overall visitor engagement increased. The improved performance set the stage for an ongoing total website refresh.

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