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Creo Ingredients: Responsive Infographic

Interactive Storytelling to Educate and Establish Brand Awareness

Creo Ingredients needed a powerful asset to explain their innovative fermentation process to customers and combat misinformation still rampant in the CBD market. RAB2B delivered a powerful digital experience to help them stand out amongst their competition, educate their customers and elevate their brand.


Creo Ingredients set out to showcase their innovative process and combat rampant misconceptions surrounding minor cannabinoids, especially CBG. They required a versatile asset that put education and their product’s benefits at the forefront, helping them stand out from the crowd. Our team knew they also needed to perform across the sales cycle and set a strong foundation for future marketing and sales assets.

An image of a poster displaying the words "sustainable, scalable, safe" prominently.
Three tablets with unique designs: one has a floral pattern, another has geometric shapes, and the third has a minimalist design.


  • Immersed ourselves in understanding the chemistry behind the product, its benefits and its place in the market to reflect its complexity with simplicity in our design and delivery
  • Crafted clean, succinct copy to educate readers on Creo Ingredients’ fermentation process to create pure bioidentical cannabinoids at scale
  • Designed an experience and aesthetic that highlights the natural elements of CBD alongside the complex chemistry needed to synthesize the ingredient
  • Developed an interactive experience and enhanced the appearance by using scroll triggered lottie animations, with GSAP and ScrollTrigger
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The infographic allows customers without a science degree to understand the complex processes behind Creo Ingredients fermentation methods.


The infographic quickly became Creo Ingredients’ top-performing sales enablement tool and is the biggest driver of engagement on their website. Since its release, it has become the foundation for subsequent marketing and sales assets, including booth designs for live events.

Group of people standing in front of a booth at an event.