The World of Channel Partner Programs You Need to Discover

Beyond conventional and transactional


Channel partner programs are frequently seen as merely volume and price-driven endeavors, a well-oiled machine running on autopilot. But the fact is, the sheer volume of transactions and the fine-tuning of pricing strategies create a complex and engaging landscape that demands constant innovation and adaptation.

You can take my word for it. I’ve been working with partner-focused clients at our agency for more than a decade, and during this time, we’ve gained great insights into the power of channel. Did you know nearly 50% of organizations attribute more than quarter of their revenue to channel partners1?

So come with me to discover why channel partner programs are more thrilling and vital than you might realize — and why the key to success starts with differentiating yourself and your strategy.

Strong Channel Relationships Create Strong Businesses

The Power of Disruption

In a crowded market, making your voice heard is crucial. Harness the power of disruption to transform your partner program and stand out:

  • Differentiate yourself with unique value, innovative tools, personalized resources, and exclusive insights
  • Embrace disruption to attract top partners, foster strong collaborations, and drive mutual success
  • Don’t be just another vendor; be a true partner

Customized Strategies for Diverse Needs

Every channel partner program is unique – and incredibly dynamic:

  • Create customized strategies that address specific business needs and goals
  • It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach; it’s about understanding each partner’s role and creating tailored plans that drive mutual success
  • This personalized approach is what makes channel program both challenging and rewarding

The Human Element

At its core, channel partner programs are about human connections. This human element is what makes channel programs so exciting:

  • Build relationships that transcend transactions
  • Look for opportunities to work closely with partners, understand their needs and help them succeed
  • It’s this personal touch that turns channel program from a routine task into a vibrant, engaging experience


Channel program marketing is full of opportunities for innovation, growth and meaningful connections. The future is bright, with trends like next-gen personas, AI-driven insights and innovative engagement strategies revolutionizing the field.

At RAB2B, we excel in unique onboarding strategies and more. From program creation to partner recruitment and reactivation, we have the expertise to elevate your channel program and business.

Ready to elevate your channel game?

1. https://offers.hubspot.com/state-of-partner-ops-and-programs-2022 

About the author

Hello! I’m Gale Schneider, Associate Account Director at RAB2B.

I started my career in marketing and advertising after graduating from NYU. For the past 11 years at RAB2B, I’ve managed accounts for partner-focused clients, from small businesses to large enterprises. My work involves closely collaborating with our strategy team, managing account needs and understanding client priorities and goals to support channel growth. 

I’m half Colombian, half Swiss and 100% passionate about social media, AI and staying current. Whatever and wherever is trending — that’s where you’ll find me.