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Wacom Academy e-Fest

Learning Goes Virtual

In response to the pandemic, RAB2B worked with Wacom to pivot, converting an exclusive in-person experience to an inclusive expanded online audience.


For four years, the Wacom Academy event bridged a connection between art students, teachers and professionals in digital disciplines. Using Wacom tools, the event encourages the exploration of new ideas to make the world a better place.

Historically an in-person multi-venue event across ten countries in Latin America, Wacom pivoted in 2020 and turned to RAB2B to create a similar but expanded experience online.

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  • Facilitated the event from the ground up: created concept, strategy, scripts and designed all assets
  • Leveraged RAB2B’s developing virtual events expertise to train guest speakers
  • Engineered an exclusive VIP experience to virtually connect art students with renowned artists to replicate engagement typically experienced at in-person events
  • Crafted a messaging strategy celebrating diversity of thought, vision and expression, and created collateral in both Spanish and Portuguese
  • Developed a teaser video for the landing page to promote the participating renowned artists
  • Expanded brand awareness and generated new leads via a paid media campaign
Screenshot of Wacom Academy's website design.
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Event mobile app for seamless planning and networking.
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Strong audience participation in live and on-demand sessions outperformed expectations. Engaged interactions with relevant content yielded record numbers in ecommerce revenue. A measurable increase in Wacom brand awareness was achieved in the region.


Engaged interactions


In e-commerce sales


Attendance goal