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HP: PageWide Sales Enablement

Launching the Virtual Sales Experience

With in-person demos on hold indefinitely, HP needed a new way to reach their customers. We took sales enablement beyond flyers and PowerPoints and built a virtual hub designed to sell.


HP historically closed sales after visits to their Graphic Experience Center, where prospects could see the printing presses in action. With pandemic safety concerns preventing in-person demonstrations, HP needed a way to bring the product demos to their customers.

The answer? A virtual showroom. RAB2B developed a sales platform for reps to provide one-on-one presentations to each prospect. It featured the latest close-ups into the technology, key differentiators, digital brochures, success stories and more. This sales hub replaced outdated static slide show presentations and fast-tracked prospects straight into demos.

People operating machines in a spacious room, featuring a printer machine.


  • Managed the project development in three phases: Product information, enhancements and in-depth reporting and platform expansion with new products and multi-language translations
  • Developed a guided interactive tool to enable sales representatives to provide a thorough product walkthrough, Q&A sessions, and a virtual tour of the +50-foot printing presses, resulting in a customized product platform
  • Designed a presentation platform that provided information around HP’s support and partnerships, including installation, standard equipment, finishing partners, workflow systems, and introducing other team members who will assist with the purchase
  • Sparked ongoing engagement within the HP organization using emails announcing new feature launches and updates
A website application on a laptop screen.
A large printer machine with a spacious door and another large machine beside it.
A laptop with a paper filer on it, placed next to a printer machine, as seen on a website.
A printer machine website showcasing two screens exhibiting different colors and a color chart.


Since launch, sales reps have adopted and embraced the platform, enabling deeper conversations in the absence of face-to-face engagements. This tool makes it possible to connect with customers as an alternative solution to in-person events—it’s always live and ready for use at any time.

Additional departments at HP also leveraged the tool for their business units. RAB2B also continues to manage the platform, which means faster turnaround times for launching improvements.

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