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Hillrom: RetinaVue 700 ABM Full-Funnel Campaign

Generating Demand for the World’s Most Advanced Teleretinal Camera

When Hillrom wanted to raise awareness of the RetinaVue 700 Imager, they turned to RAB2B to craft and execute a full-funnel, omnichannel campaign. Our approach generated awareness and demand among hospitals and clinics by highlighting the imager’s affordability and vision-saving technology.


Raising awareness for the RetinaVue 700 Imager was pivotal in the fight against diabetic retinopathy. With its advanced imaging and affordable pricing, the device is a game changer in early detection. To raise awareness for this technology and its impact across different primary care organizations, such as IDNs, ACOs, Payers and more, Hillrom turned to RAB2B to craft an audience-first strategy.

Our central goal for the campaign was to drive awareness and demand for a genuinely innovative product that could save the vision of 95% of the diabetic population.

A visually stunning picture showcasing the Retinave 700.
Created a solution-centric campaign to drive awareness and demand.


  • Developed a full-funnel, omnichannel strategy with an always-on (AON) PPC model to cover the journey from awareness to demand generation
  • Targeted a complex range of audiences with messaging that was differentiated by persona and the stage in the buyer’s journey, from high-level awareness content to financial or clinic-based offers
  • Combined social platform, programmatic, paid search, third-party data providers, content syndication and endemic vendor ads to target audiences in their environment
  • Optimized web content and high-value assets to establish Hillrom as a thought leader
  • Regularly evaluated audience engagement across the journey and refined our strategy to optimize conversion and bridge the attribution gap with full visibility from impression to opportunity
  • Created a trusting, collaborative and strategic dynamic with campaign stakeholders from Hillrom that enabled the swift implementation of ongoing recommendations
Hillrom social media displaying on different devices
Developed an omnichannel campaign based on detailed audience segmentation, differentiated messaging and close performance management.


Orchestrating strategic audience planning, content mapping and omnichannel media initiatives, combined with rapid optimizations, proved effective in driving awareness and demand that ultimately resulted in increased sales opportunities.

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Results achieved by audience-first approach, differentiated content strategy and data-driven optimizations.

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