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How We're Wired

A shared passion for creativity and a commitment to our work creates the RAB2B spark. It’s rooted in our promise to immerse ourselves in our client's world and elevate their brand. The promise to apply resources with respect, provide value and serve a purpose. We do it with rare commodities: human values, honesty, inclusion and above all, trust.


Powered by Trust


We do what's right

Our commitment to act in the best interest of our clients and our team guides our decisions, partnerships and culture.


Our team is your team

We work together to uncover insights and novel approaches, aligning at every stage of our partnerships to drive better outcomes.


We go beyond the brief

We dive deep into your organization, industry, personas and data, leveraging our depth and breadth of experience to drive success.

Strategic Agility

We work smarter

Powered by connected cross-functional teams, we’re always uncovering new ways to harmonize and find the balance between speed and effectiveness.


We get it done

We translate your toughest challenges into actionable steps and execute with dogged determination, creating quick wins and long-lasting value.


We connect the dots

Leveraging a 360° capabilities stack, we deliver fully integrated and insight-driven experiences across every touchpoint of the customer journey.


A Cast of Characters with Talent and Range

Ester is the source of RAB2B’s entrepreneurial spirit and creative drive, starting the agency as a one-woman business out of her native Colombia. She is known by clients and colleagues as “The Brand Whisperer.” Ester is a master at cracking the code for electrifying customer experiences and strategic communications that unlock hidden brand value.

Ester Rabinovici Ester Rabinovici

Ester Rabinovici

Founder & Board Member

Our Social Responsibility Pledge

At our agency, we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating a positive impact in our community, because we firmly believe in the power of the collective effort. Now, we’ve identified four themes that match our team values and personal stories, helping us concentrate our charitable efforts and define our mission.


Promoting health and well-being


Empowering young minds


Offering hurricane season relief for a sustainable and resilient future

Hunger Relief

Spreading warmth and nourishment during the holiday season


Family Values Fuel an Award‑Winning B2B Agency

1984 -1994
Ester Rabinovici
Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Ester Rabinovici opens a freelance design studio in Colombia despite cultural norms that made it difficult for young women to enter and succeed in the workforce

RAB2B Revista Dinero RAB2B Revista Dinero

She sees early success with high-profile clients: Legis, Revista Dinero and Hoteles Estelar

RAB2B Bancafé RAB2B Bancafé