How We're Wired

A shared passion for creativity and a commitment to our work creates the RAB2B spark. It’s rooted in our promise to immerse ourselves in our client’s world and elevate their brand. The promise to apply resources with respect, provide value and serve a purpose. We do it with rare commodities: human values, honesty, inclusion and above all, trust.


Powered by Trust

Person icon in blue circle. Represents a human figure. Symbolizes user profiles, accounts, or individuals.


We do what's right

Our commitment to act in the best interest of our clients and our team guides our decisions, partnerships and culture.

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Our team is your team

We work together to uncover insights and novel approaches, aligning at every stage of our partnerships to drive better outcomes.

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We go beyond the brief

We dive deep into your organization, industry, personas and data, leveraging our depth and breadth of experience to drive success.

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Strategic Agility

We work smarter

Powered by connected cross-functional teams, we’re always uncovering new ways to harmonize and find the balance between speed and effectiveness.

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We get it done

We translate your toughest challenges into actionable steps and execute with dogged determination, creating quick wins and long-lasting value.

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We connect the dots

Leveraging a 360° capabilities stack, we deliver fully integrated and insight-driven experiences across every touchpoint of the customer journey.


A Cast of Characters with Talent and Range

Ester is the source of RAB2B’s entrepreneurial spirit and creative drive, starting the agency as a one-woman business out of her native Colombia. She is known by clients and colleagues as “The Brand Whisperer.” Ester is a master at cracking the code for electrifying customer experiences and strategic communications that unlock hidden brand value.

Ester RabinoviciEster Rabinovici

Ester Rabinovici

Founder & Board Member

Our graphic-tee-wearing, highly involved, visionary leader of the pack, Boris has transformed RAB2B into the globally influential agency that it is today: results-focused, digital-minded and all about B2B. He is the force behind our promise to drive business outcomes for clients at every turn and our commitment to approach every project as a partnership. Boris has elevated Ester’s legacy while serving as an unwavering pillar of support for an ever-growing team—and he’s just getting started.

Boris RabinoviciBoris Rabinovici

Boris Rabinovici


Miguel is a passionate squash player who’s amazed by the creations of nature—especially the beautiful green mountains of Colombia. Miguel has discovered talent in the most unusual places and believes that strong relationships develop in extraordinary environments. These qualities have made him crucial in managing the RAB2B business and digital transformation initiatives.

Miguel Angel ChalaMiguel Angel Chala

Miguel Angel Chala

Director of IT/OT/Ops

A proud wife and mother to her sons (plus two felines named Fudge and Teddy), Roxana is drawn to RAB2B’s foundation of family values and how the agency works together as a team to make each other better every day. It’s no wonder that she’s also a people management expert at the agency. Her upbeat and kind personality is what draws us to her—not to mention, she makes sure we all get our paycheck.

Roxana CiniRoxana Cini

Roxana Cini

Director of Finance and HR Operations

French by origin (and accent), Alex met her Colombian husband in Qatar and lives in Denver, Colorado as a former Miamian. She lives her life globally and shares her expertise generously—championing diversity and fairness at every opportunity. She’s committed to RAB2B through shared core values: empathy, integrity, respect, honesty and flexibility. But don’t let that fool you. She’s competitive by nature and can be found tearing up the slopes in her off time.

Alexandra RouxAlexandra Roux

Alexandra Roux

SVP - Product Delivery

Andy is an avid Formula 1 fan who enjoys watching races around the world with his family. When he isn’t designing campaign strategy, mentoring RAB2B teams or chatting with clients, he unwinds by reading fantasy and sci-fi novels or producing music. What he loves most about RAB2B are the friendships he’s developed over the years: “The relationships that we’ve built transcend the business. I’m still friends with many of our past clients.”

Andy SikorskiAndy Sikorski

Andy Sikorski

Sr. Director of Strategy

Suzie loves communication, which makes her the perfect fit to lead our new and emerging accounts. She proactively sets expectations, explains our process, makes new requests operational and introduces new clients to the RAB2B approach. Accessible and experienced, Suzie quickly becomes a reliable go-to by delivering on her promises from day one.

Suzie FirpiSuzie Firpi

Suzie Firpi

Account Director

Passionate. Resourceful. A perfectionist. These are only a few ways to describe uber-talented Creative Director, OddO. He believes that by striving for the best outcome, going the extra mile and delivering outstanding work, you’re rewarded with unbreakable trust. It’s this approach to marketing that’s made him many other things at RAB2B: mentor, visionary and a creative leader always willing to push the boundaries to amaze his clients. “RAB2B is like a family where we all share a passion for creativity and professionalism.”

OddO RodriguezOddO Rodriguez

OddO Rodriguez

Multimedia Creative Director

Felipe loves typography, graphic design and his pet cat Frisco. He works closely with designers every day, creating the best possible design solution for every task. Detail-oriented and hell-bent on his standards for quality, Felipe is invaluable at the brand level and a conceptual whiz, often called upon for packaging design, highly personalized work and our coolest print pieces. When he isn’t bringing these skills to a project at RAB2B, you can find him running by the beach, riding motorcycles and mountain biking.

Felipe RestrepoFelipe Restrepo

Felipe Restrepo

Associate Creative Director

As Technology Director, Steve makes sure all digital initiatives are running smoothly and looking just as good. When he isn’t deep into development, he’s teaching his three children ‘90s slang and probably cringing at their music choices. We think the cringing might be the other way around…psych!

Steve CabreraSteve Cabrera

Steve Cabrera

Sr. Director of Technology Strategy

When Anna feels life is too complicated, she reaches for a spoonful of Nutella. If only everything could be so simple! But that’s just where Anna’s motivations come into play. She believes in simplifying client relationships and making their engagement easier. Her expertise in B2B marketing started on the client side in her native Venezuela. Currently, Anna enjoys the creativity and innovation that she experiences working on the agency side with our Latin American and U.S. accounts, from our offices in Miami.

Anna D’AmarioAnna D’Amario

Anna D’Amario

Associate Account Director

Kathya has been immersed in the digital marketing world since the beginning of her professional career. She has grown organically from managing paid social accounts to optimization to content creation and now oversees a unified everything. When she’s not at work, she is binge watching a healthy six season, 20 episodes per season serial killer show on Netflix while baking cakes.

Kathya PerezKathya Perez

Kathya Perez

Account Director

A veteran RAB2B account leader, Jose is part creative, part group supervisor and part digital marketing aficionado. He loves collaborating with his team and his clients daily. When he isn’t focused on a campaign, you can find him enjoying his creativity through photography—especially landscapes where he can play with bright colors and natural light.

Jose AyalaJose Ayala

Jose Ayala

Sr. Account Director

Francy is a proud Colombian who can’t stand still. She loves dancing, skydiving, yoga, singing and spontaneous travel. With this free spirit, she never thought she’d find a workplace that felt like home—until she joined RAB2B. And we’re so happy she did, because other than being excellent in her role, her all-in personality type makes her a fearless leader. “Our stakeholders know that we’ll deliver and that we’ll give it our all.”

Francy SilvaFrancy Silva

Francy Silva

Director of Growth and Communications

Our User Experience/User Interface Design Lead, Santiago met his fiancé while working at RAB2B and is now the proud parent of 3-year-old chocolate lab, Samba. When he isn’t creating killer digital experiences for clients, he likes to kayak, hike and work out. He also dabbles in illustration and has won the annual RAB2B Agency T-Shirt Contest five years in a row…but who’s counting?

Santiago JaramilloSantiago Jaramillo

Santiago Jaramillo

UX/UI Lead

Patti started reading at age 2 and never stopped. Her passion for words, messaging and stories is palpable. She’s an old soul who loves to keep a pulse on new trends. Yes, she’s a grammar and punctuation nerd, too. Her union with RAB2B starts at the heart. Lead with love. Be transparent. Have grit. Serve others. When she’s not working, she’s recharging her soul in the country with Jim and their four, four-legged “kids”.

Patti CaruthersPatti Caruthers

Patti Caruthers

Sr. Director of Creative Operations

Our Social Responsibility Pledge

At our agency, we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating a positive impact in our community, because we firmly believe in the power of the collective effort. Now, we’ve identified four themes that match our team values and personal stories, helping us concentrate our charitable efforts and define our mission.

A blue ribbon with a green shield symbolizes honor and protection.

Promoting health and well-being

Logo for Book Shield, featuring a shield with a book inside, symbolizing protection and knowledge.

Empowering young minds

Logo of a green shield with a leaf in the center, representing nature and protection.

Offering hurricane season relief for a sustainable and resilient future

A grocery bag filled with fresh vegetables and other items for a healthy meal.
Hunger Relief

Spreading warmth and nourishment during the holiday season


Family Values Fuel an Award‑Winning B2B Agency

1984 -1994
Ester Rabinovici
Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Ester Rabinovici opens a freelance design studio in Colombia despite cultural norms that made it difficult for young women to enter and succeed in the workforce

RAB2B Revista Dinero RAB2B Revista Dinero

She sees early success with high-profile clients: Legis, Revista Dinero and Hoteles Estelar

RAB2B Bancafé RAB2B Bancafé
1995 -2000
Formalizing a Vision
Ester Rabinovici Estudio de diseño

Ester expands the business from a one-woman shop to a boutique agency and Rabinovici Colombia is born


The agency experiences rapid growth, gains recognition and becomes early digital adopters

RAB2B Colseguros RAB2B Colseguros
2001 -2008
RAB2B Office Location
A Major Expansion

The Rabinovici family moves to South Florida and establishes Rabinovici & Associates, pursuing the vision to become the leading LATAM creative agency

RAB2B Miami Starting fresh in Miami

Success with regional Fortune 500 companies leads to global engagements and the development of B2B capabilities

Kodak Express Project Kodak Express Project
RAB2B Team Any excuse to celebrate
FoodSaver and Latam FoodSaver and Latam
2009 -2018
The Transformative Years

Increase focus on B2B clients, creating ABM, media and digital performance expertise

RAB2B media and digital performance expertise

Establish strategic approach to...

  • Digital marketing and customer journeys
  • Sales and marketing alignment
  • Automation, deep data analysis and segmentation
Rabinolympics Rabinolympics icon

First annual "Rabinolympics"

Watch the races

We always show up for our annual Halloween costume contest

See the costumes
RAB2B Halloween Costumes

Ringing the bell everyday at 3:05 for cafecito

Going All in on B2B Marketing

Develop expertise in B2B marketing orchestration

HP Inspiration Hub HP Inspiration Hub

Implement a digital and security transformation governance process, with a focus on vetting vendors, client privacy and security

Digital Transformation
RAB2B Women RAB2B women leading the way in B2B marketing
RAB2B Offices
RAB2B Nala

Boris' dog Nala visiting our Miami headquarters

Introspection & Growth

COVID-19 accelerates digital transformation for our clients and our agency

RAB2B Transformation and Growth
RAB2B Spirit Supporting each other and keeping the RAB2B spirit alive

We become virtual event experts

RAB2B Wacom Academy RAB2B Wacom Academy
Moving Forward
RAB2B Globally The RAB2B family doubles in size globally
RAB2B DFIN Project RAB2B DFIN Project Awarded Top 25 US B2B Marcomms Agency in 2021
RAB2B Website

With a growing global client base, we branded to RAB2B