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Hillrom: RetinaVue 700 ABM Full Funnel Campaign background
Hillrom: RetinaVue 700 ABM Full Funnel Campaign

Extending Vision Loss Prevention to Primary Care

To combat blindness from diabetic retinopathy, Hillrom needed to raise awareness of the RetinaVue 700 Imager that makes retina exams simple and affordable in primary care. RAB2B combined an Always-On Pay Per Click (AON PPC) with a Full Funnel Multi-channel Campaign to fulfill the request, providing continuous evaluation and reassessment to enable greater success


The Vision Care team at Hillrom wanted to work towards eradicating the leading cause of blindness in adult population: diabetic retinopathy. 95% of vision loss can be prevented at the onset, but the rate of patients taking annual retinal exams is very low. Since the main target for the RetinaVue 700 Imager included doctors, hospitals, Mobile Health Clinics and other healthcare facilities, the time was right to position Hillrom as the thought leader in the early detection of diabetic retinopathy.

Encouraged readers to try the solution or request a demo through compelling product-centric imagery


  • Layered an Always-On (AON) PPC Model and a multi-channel Full Funnel approach to cover the full journey from awareness to demand generation
  • Targeted audiences with key differentiated messaging by persona to touch hearts, show the clinically proven results and highlight the technological advances of the product
  • Combined social platforms, programmatic, Google (SEM and Google Discovery), third-party data providers, content syndication and endemic vendors to target audiences in their environment
  • Focused on optimized web content and high value assets to establish thought leadership
  • Regularly evaluated audience engagement across the journey and refined the approach to optimize conversion and bridge the attribution gap
  • Created a trusting and collaborative dynamic with Hillrom that enabled swift implementation of ongoing recommendations
Developed a full funnel campaign based on detailed audience segmentation, differentiated messaging and close performance management


The orchestration of all channels working together with ongoing air-coverage has proven to be an effective tool for demand generation and conversions. Valuable and audience-specific assets, the ongoing optimization of web properties and ad content, together with Hillrom’s support were key to the success of this initiative.

Focused on optimized web content and HVAs to establish Hillrom's thought leadership

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